I Honestly Don’t Think We’re Going To Find The Grand Canyon On This Road.

Vacation, 1983

This coming Monday, we are packing up the Family Truckster (The Prius) and heading to The Grand Canyon for a week of good ol’ American family fun. My parents are meeting us there, so it will be a full on Griswold-esque vacation complete with dog (The Baroness, not Dinky). Hopefully no one will get tied to the rear bumper.

Like many photographers, the desert is appealing to me, and I’m excited to spend some time getting my Misrach on.

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  • ztdavis

    Enjoy! I've hiked to the river and back down from the south rim, etc., but I have to say hiking the rim trail from observation point to observation point is my favorite thing to do there. The vista feels different every ten feet and you can take a bus between the observation point and the main lodge.

  • E

    Griswald was inspiration to us all.

    Enjoy the Canyon, and don't forget to check out the pictographs near the top of the Bright Angel Trail (look up from the trail, at the white limestone cliff) about two minutes after descending. Then there's the cool Hopi paintings in the ceiling of Desert Watchtower, with some nice light mid morning. Also, you might look into Shoshone Point. You need to walk a mile out there but it's one of the nicer spots on the south rim since hardly anyone goes there. Great view of Vishnu Temple.

    Here's my site if you want to see some of my canyon shots: