For My Mom

Pink Convertible, 2009 © Emily Shur

Today is my mom’s birthday and a big birthday at that. I thought this would be a good excuse to post a picture I took last weekend while out shooting more for my project. This picture has nothing to do with the project itself, but it was too good to pass up so I shot a couple of impromptu sheets of film. My mom loves pink and is very young at heart, so this image is my little tribute to her.

3 comments to For My Mom

  • anna

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUDI!!!! i hope to see you soon- have fun in the grand canyon!
    lots o love

  • nina

    I love pink and 'Judge Judi'!
    Happy Birthday Mrs. Shur!

  • Judi Shur

    Thanks, Em and ladies, for the good wishes. I can't quite picture myself toddling around in this pink bunnymobile but it's definitely fun to look at. I've had a really fun, extended birthday and this adds to it. Love you all.