Some Rough Scans – Japan, Part 2

19. Takao…you can’t really tell here, but there are two butterflies in this picture

20. Cemetery, again, not sure exactly where I was

21. Chiba

22. Minami Senju

23. Takao

24. Takao

25. Rikugien Garden

26. Tokyo

27. Rikugien Garden

28. Arakawa Yuenchi, Tokyo

29. Kurihama Port

30. Takao

31. Lake Chuzenji, Nikko

32. Nakano

33. Nakano

34. Takao

35. Spider Web, Takao

36. Shibuya

37. Takao

38. Takao

39. Shibuya

All Images © Emily Shur 2009

Here is round two, again in no particular order. I’m not in love with all of these, but I thought I’d post everything I scanned in hopes of getting some feedback. You never know what people will respond to. Well, at least I don’t. Thanks very much to everyone who commented on the previous “rough scans” post. To make things a bit easier in terms of commenting, I numbered these images as well as the images in part one.

12 comments to Some Rough Scans – Japan, Part 2

  • Allan

    39 – interesting tension between the police men in this image

  • Porkoláb Zsófi

    23. so fine balance. love at first. other lovers: 21, 30, 32, 33, 37, 37

  • Terence

    39 and then 36 do it for me.

    Curious to know if you were shooting any 4×5 and if so, did you have any trouble with Japanese authorities while setting up on a tripod and getting under the cloth?

  • Dan

    21 is my fave…then in no order…22, 30, 31, 32

  • Emily Shur

    @Terence: I have never shot 4×5 in Japan. I always shoot with my Mamiya. As far as setting up on a tripod goes, I would not be nervous to do so. I'm not sure if you've had bad experiences with that there, but it seems to me that the Japanese have a deep love and respect for photography and are very accepting of people making pictures. Every time I've gone to a park, or some picturesque spot there, a bunch of Japanese people have cameras on tripods and are all working hard on their pictures. It's really cute.

  • Anonymous

    Surprised there's no love for 19 yet. This is very lush and beautiful in its abstraction. I think I spy the butterflies and I wish I could see a this print BIG and in person to get lost in the details of it….

  • Sturt

    36. Shibuya is amazing

  • Paul Spooner

    21, 26, 30, 36 do it for me, although 21 is my favourite.

    I would like to see some more with a wider lens, but that's just me.

    I love that you are still practising 'proper' film photography. Lovely stuff…

  • Paul Spooner

    Oh, and I like all of the first edit… is that Fuji Reala – it would be apt for Japan!

  • nina

    36,34,21,31 & 24 –me likee

  • aaron

    Number 26 makes me queezy in a way i can't explain.. and i love it..