I Give Thanks For….

All Images © Emily Shur 2009

…my last few remaining boxes of 4×5 Polaroid. Happy Thanksgiving.

A Very Large Hole

My Two © Emily Shur

So, we made it and have seen what we came to see – The Grand Canyon. The Shurs are not a very adventurous people, so we kind of skirted the rim and saw the grandest of cracks from many different vantage points. It is big and beautiful and I [...]

I Honestly Don’t Think We’re Going To Find The Grand Canyon On This Road.

Vacation, 1983

This coming Monday, we are packing up the Family Truckster (The Prius) and heading to The Grand Canyon for a week of good ol’ American family fun. My parents are meeting us there, so it will be a full on Griswold-esque vacation complete with dog (The Baroness, not Dinky). Hopefully no one [...]

Miike Snow

A little over a month ago, the husband and I woke up at 5am to record and shoot a Transmissions session with Miike Snow. They wanted to do it at their house in the hills as the sun came up. Above are a couple portraits I took of them. Below is a [...]

All Flakked Up

Today’s Flak Photo © Emily Shur

Coming to you from the Salt Lake City airport this Friday the 13th, to share with you my picture on today’s Flak Photo! I love this photo. Thank you so much to Andy Adams at Flak Photo for his continual support and exposure of my work. Another [...]

For My Mom

Pink Convertible, 2009 © Emily Shur

Today is my mom’s birthday and a big birthday at that. I thought this would be a good excuse to post a picture I took last weekend while out shooting more for my project. This picture has nothing to do with the project itself, but it was too [...]

My Network Television Debut

Me and Tina Fey….like peas and carrots

My Bust cover of Amy Poehler was hanging in Liz Lemon’s office on last night’s episode of 30 Rock! This is one of my all time favorite shoots and all time favorite subjects. The original is here:

Amy Poehler © Emily Shur

Devo at The Fonda

Last night the husband and I got to see Devo perform Freedom of Choice in its’ entirety, front to back, at The Fonda. Pretty cool. It sounded surprisingly good; like no time had passed or taken any sort of toll on the musical abilities of the band. And how cool [...]

Some Rough Scans – Japan, Part 2

19. Takao…you can’t really tell here, but there are two butterflies in this picture

20. Cemetery, again, not sure exactly where I was

21. Chiba

22. Minami Senju

23. Takao

24. Takao

25. Rikugien Garden

26. Tokyo

27. Rikugien Garden

28. Arakawa Yuenchi, Tokyo

29. Kurihama Port

30. Takao

31. Lake Chuzenji, Nikko

32. [...]