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Seeing as how attention to detail is a cornerstone of society here, it always amuses me to see how the English language is applied. You’d think there would be some sort of fact checking going on, just to make sure that words are spelled correctly and used appropriately, but as far as I can tell there’s not. I saw the above store front yesterday in Daikanyama. Today at the train station I saw a woman with a baby in a stroller, and her diaper bag had a huge pot leaf on it and plainly said “Marijuana”. I mean, really? The last time I was here with the husband, we ate at a very nice and kind of fancy Chinese restaurant where “robster” was on the menu.

Today I went to Nikko which involved a 30 minute subway ride to a 2 hour train ride to a 1 hour bus ride up and down a mountain. It was beautiful, almost too beautiful for my photographic purposes, but beautiful nonetheless. Every area looked just like a postcard, and I couldn’t help but take pictures. At a certain point I decided to walk instead of taking the bus. I photographed some cows in a pasture and found a walking trail. I was all by myself in nature, scenic autumn leaves everywhere, barely any cars. I was having a good stroll, and then a decent sized snake slithered right across my path. I thought, “This is officially no longer awesome.” I wanted the bus real bad at that moment so I picked up the pace. I still had to walk about 15 minutes all by myself on this road, all through a layer of dried fallen leaves that I was positive was home to a thousand more snakes. I found the bus stop and stood on a tree stump until it arrived.

I think I’m pretty much done at the moment. Tomorrow is my last day and night here, and I am really ready to go home. The only conversations I’ve had in the last week other than ordering food or asking for directions were a couple 5 minute talks with the husband. My body is pretty exhausted, my back not used to carrying bags and cameras all day everyday, and my feet and legs are very sore. I know…wah, wah, poor me…but I’m allowed to vent.

3 comments to Brog Post

  • anna

    i miss you little buddy, hurry back!

  • nina

    these last two posts made me giggle and relate.
    I have had my share of encounters with giant spiders, snakes ticks, scorpions…and sometimes it is just so good to make it back to Manhattan where I don't have to check the inside of my shoe or turn on the lights before reaching in my closet!
    As to the language…I think because English is truly the most universal language everyone has put their stamp on it.
    I giggle a the differences between American English and UK English. But the best is when I am home. For example in Germany they call mobile phones "Handy" and I think most of the population believes that is what American or English people call celle phones.

  • Jake S

    I rove robster!!!