Coming Soon To Something Near You

Four Eyed Fantasy teaser from Isacto on Vimeo.

So, who’s curious?? Come on! I was considering doing a little project reveal, but the husband made a video and said I should prolong the suspense just a little bit longer. I feel there will be great disappointment once I actually do come clean on the subject matter, but hey, it’s a fun game to play regardless. Each time I go out and shoot I come back with more and more pictures I like. The goal is to shoot this for the rest of the year and then hopefully have a decent body of work to show.

In other news, our good friend Ruben, has a little movie opening today called Zombieland. Sure, it’s no Four Eyed Fantasy teaser video, but we all can’t be that awesome. But seriously, congratulations to Ruben on his feature film directorial debut! We went to the premiere last week, and it was the real deal. Grauman’s, Hollywood Blvd shut down, paparazzi, celebs (even Bill Mahr was there)…the whole nine. Go Rubie.

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