Photo of the Day: The Baroness – Halloween Edition

Cave Dog © Emily Shur 2009

The Baroness is all ready for Halloween. This year she decided to get in touch with her animalistic side and go as a cavewoman. She’s going for a sexy barbarian kind of thing. She is woman. Hear her roar.

Some Rough Scans – Japan, Part 1

1. Rikugien Garden, Tokyo

2. Nikko

3. Nikko

4. Nikko

5. The View From My Room, Tokyo

6. Cemetery, not exactly sure where I was…

7. Takao

8. Rikugien Garden, Tokyo

9. Arakawa Yuenchi, Tokyo

10. Ferry Ride From Kurihama

11. Ferry Ride from Kurihama

12. Nikko

13. Shibuya

14. Nakano

15. Takao

16. [...]

You Can’t Fade Me

The Evidence © Emily Shur

I know it’s been a while, but sometimes actual life gets in the way of internet life. I will soon post some rough scans of the pictures I made in Japan. I scanned 35 selects and will probably get rid of half of those. Maybe some of you [...]

The Surreal World

Bowlingual Voice (Dog Translator) at Tokyu Hands © Emily Shur

I got back to LA on Friday morning. The husband and The Baroness picked me up from the airport, and I was so so so happy to see both of them. The Baroness was her usually sleepy self, only looking up briefly from her [...]


Taking a break from my riveting travelogue to let you know about my very very good friend Matt‘s new blog, Nineteen Eighty Snore. His blog is a lot like hanging out with him…some photo talk, some Youtube, some carefully collected tv clips, and lots of laughing. I just watched the video of him [...]

Brog Post

So Hot Right Now © Emily Shur

Seeing as how attention to detail is a cornerstone of society here, it always amuses me to see how the English language is applied. You’d think there would be some sort of fact checking going on, just to make sure that words are spelled correctly and used appropriately, [...]

The Natural World, A Foreign Place

I can’t be sure, but it looks dangerous… © Emily Shur

I just got back to my hotel after a three hour long journey back from who knows where. I started out at about 8:30 this morning on a train to Kurihama, a seaside spot that I read was a good day trip from [...]


What The Baroness would look like if she was Japanese. © Emily Shur

It’s my third night in Tokyo. I miss the husband and The Baroness terribly, but otherwise am doing pretty well. Today was a good picture day. Yesterday was a little random.

I’m not exactly sure when I turned into [...]


The Baroness © Sergie Loobkoff

I alluded to some sweet birthday gifts the other day. The husband commissioned a friend to make the above drawing of The Baroness. I absolutely love it. It makes me laugh every time I look at it, mostly because she is deathly afraid of skateboards. I also [...]

Coming Soon To Something Near You

Four Eyed Fantasy teaser from Isacto on Vimeo.

So, who’s curious?? Come on! I was considering doing a little project reveal, but the husband made a video and said I should prolong the suspense just a little bit longer. I feel there will be great disappointment once I actually [...]