Thirty Three

I went to the Getty. © Emily Shur

I saw Bon Iver play at Hollywood Forever Cemetery at 6am. © Emily Shur

I went to Big Bear and continued to work on my project. © The Husband

I spent my birthday at ‘The Happiest Place On Earth’. © Emily Shur

I rode Space Mountain for the first time. © Emily Shur

Yesterday was my thirty-third birthday. My lovely Anna humored me and joined me for my first ever visit to Disneyland. I thought the combination of it being a weekday, school being in session, and Yom Kippur would make for a not so crowded day at the happiest place on earth, but apparently I was wrong. Regardless, it was fun, and more importantly, now I’ve done that. One more thing to be crossed off the imaginary list.

The birthday weekend was also quite fun and chock full of activity…something unusual for me. I went to The Getty and saw the Irving Penn exhibit. Thumbs up. I also woke up at 5:30am on Sunday and scooted with the husband to see Bon Iver perform outdoors at The Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Again, thumbs up. After that, we drove to Big Bear (another first for me) where I spent all day shooting in the name of my project. A third thumbs up thus making that one very successful and productive weekend.

So far, thirty-three and I are getting along just fine. I got some amazing gifts (more on those later), and right now I feel extremely lucky and content in life and in love.

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