Some Rough Scans – Hawaii

All Images © Emily Shur 2009

5 comments to Some Rough Scans – Hawaii

  • ryan schude

    why do i like that shot of the grill? something crazy surreal about it

  • nina

    that one caught my eye right away too!
    And I want to go tot Hawaii now….

  • Michael Sebastian

    Do I smell Mamiya 7 and Portra NC?

    The grill's my favorite also. And surreal is exactly the word I'd have used.

    Nice job as always. I see why you get paid to do this stuff….

  • Emily Shur

    Glad to hear the grill is getting it's due. It was a great and giving subject. And @Michael…yes you are correct, the 7 and some lovely Portra NC. However, I don't get paid to do this stuff, only other stuff.

  • elizabeth.bog

    Of course they are all very very good, but Emily #6 just kills me! Wow it's amazing…