Wishful Thinking

Grand Prince Akasaka Hotel, Tokyo © Emily Shur 2009

Well, as you may have gathered from my lack of posting, I am deep in a jury duty hole. Today marks the beginning of my third (and hopefully final) week of doing the duty, and I am sooo ready to be finished. The case is actually interesting, and at this point, having invested so much of my time into it, I’m curious to see how it pans out. Oh don’t you worry…I am dying to spill the beans on the case and plan to after it’s all said and done. All of us jurors just want to get out of there. We want the case to be over and to be able to get back to our normal lives. If I was the plaintiff this would make me nervous – in any case, not specifically this one. You don’t want a bunch of rushed, annoyed people deciding something so hugely important to you. I am paying attention, taking notes, and at this point have a pretty informed opinion on what I think should be the outcome.

However, if there was a window in the courtroom (damn the lighting in there sucks) I would be staring out of it a good portion of the day. During our breaks, or one of the many lulls throughout the course of some one’s testimony, I find that my thoughts have been wandering to one place. Japan. I kind of just want to be there taking pictures. I kind of just want to do that forever, and being stuck in a situation you can’t get out of turns one’s thoughts to ultimate fantasy….If I could be anywhere, where would I be? I would be traveling in Japan with my husband and my dog, and hopefully my parents could come hang out for a while too! I would be freely shooting for myself, really getting to know a place I can’t seem to get enough of. Ahhh…wishful thinking.

Not to mention jury duty has definitely been cramping my style, professionally speaking. I’ve had to turn down and cancel shoots, and no one in the court house seems to have any idea how this affects someone like me (or you). I’ve pleaded for one day off here and there and have been rejected each time. They nonchalantly tell me to reschedule my shoot, like that’s an easy option for someone who does what I do. I’m really reaching my limit and trust me, that takes quite a bit. Let’s wrap this up, people.

4 comments to Wishful Thinking

  • Blake Marvin

    my mind is officially blown trying to comprehend canceling a month's worth of summer shoots (i'm an arch shooter). The case is in great hands with people like you still understanding that justice has to be served. can't wait to hear the details. best of luck

  • nina

    you are a trooper, however I am surprised (perhaps this is naive of me) that they are not more concerned with your livelihood — especially during the 'great recession'. Hmmm…

  • michael lavine

    What an upstanding citizen you are. I usually just act insane and say outrageous things like "I hate policemen" and I never get picked.

  • Dan

    Ahhh fun times! I got selected for a jury back in December and got stuck on an 8 day trial. It was pretty interesting and good to see how it all works…but missing work was not fun!