Wall Space Gallery Collectible | Edition 309

Laundry, Tsukishima, Japan, 2009 © Emily Shur

Happy to announce that my Laundry, Tsukishima image is part of Wall Space Gallery’s Collectible Edition 309. The Collectible is a “curated collection of new work from new artists at affordable prices”. This all female edition features work from my friends Liz Kuball and Lane Collins, as [...]

What a Long Strange Trip

Willie Nelson at his home in Paia, Maui on August 25, 2009 © Emily Shur

Home sweet home. Fires, 95 degree weather, traffic…I missed you LA. I felt like I was gone for weeks, when in reality it was less than one. The husband and I just returned from Hawaii where he facilitated [...]

Guess Where I Am…

All Images © Emily Shur 2009

The answer is….Hawaii. Aloha. More pictures to come soon.

Me + 20×200 = A Good Investment

Victoria’s Peak, Hong Kong, 2008 © Emily Shur

Here it is. My contribution to 20×200. Buy it here. Enjoy! Tell your friends, your enemies, your mom, and your dad! Actually, buy one for your friend, your enemy, your mom, and your dad. Trust me, your enemy will love it.

Today was [...]

Free at Last, Free at Last

My home away from home, good ol’ Stanley Mosk Courthouse

Three weeks and one achy back later, I am free at last. Man, I never thought that would end. You go in for what you think will be one day of sitting on your ass reading a book and wind up in a three [...]


This time next week, yours truly will have an edition up on 20×200. Check it out next Wednesday to see which image made the cut. Exciting!

Wishful Thinking

Grand Prince Akasaka Hotel, Tokyo © Emily Shur 2009

Well, as you may have gathered from my lack of posting, I am deep in a jury duty hole. Today marks the beginning of my third (and hopefully final) week of doing the duty, and I am sooo ready to be finished. The case is [...]