I Like To Do My Part

I’m the bulldog.
Just when I get into the beginnings of a legitimate “zone” (for lack of a better word) in terms of my new photo project, I get called for jury duty. Well, not only do I get called for jury duty, but as of now I am actually serving on a jury for what appears to be the next two to three weeks. Yes, be afraid. I am the decider…ok me and eleven other disgruntled jurors (fine, and two alternate jurors if you want to get specific).

As I now sit on the couch with The Baroness and a Fat Tire, looking forward to my third day of civic duty, I can’t help but think of it as nothing but a large inconvenience. However, I will give it a fair shake and my attention. After all, if I was involved in a lawsuit I would want a jury full of intelligent and attentive people, so that is what I will attempt to be. Point being, my previously photo-oriented planned posts may have to be postponed to a post-jury duty time. How’s that for alliteration?

2 comments to I Like To Do My Part

  • nina

    Wow– most people I know have served four days max. With the exception of the hubby who served 4 weeks , but that wasn't a trial but grand jury. Dang.
    As a foreign born person I have never totally become entirely comfortable with the jury system.
    But I agree if I was involved in a trial I would want good people like you on the jury!

  • Emily Shur

    It is slightly disconcerting that a person's whole future and/or life hinges on the decision making abilities of 12 random people. Definitely makes you think…