PBN Contest: My Picks

The Woods…my entry © Emily Shur 2009

Today marks the deadline for Blurb’s 2nd annual Photography.Book.Now contest. I deliberated over updating the book I entered last year and re-entering it this year. I received an honorable mention last year and felt I should be happy about that, so I decided to go more in the “new year, new book” direction. Thus, The Woods was born. The Woods is pretty personal and might only be awesome to me, but I am an advocate of doing things you actually care about, so I decided to make the book I wanted to make. Hopefully, someone other than myself will like it, too. Unfortunately, you can only see the opening spread in the 15 page preview, but you’ll get the idea. Needless to say, I would like to win. However, should I not win, here are some other entries that are really, really good and all very deserving in no particular order.

I am a big fan of Susana and Daniel’s work already and had the pleasure of meeting Susan and Kurt at Review Santa Fe. Their work is all very strong, and the books are all well executed. The entries seem to still be trickling in. I’ll be sure to post any others that catch my eye. Props to Blurb for giving away a substantial monetary prize. There are so few companies, people, and organizations left that can afford to shell out $25,000. I think the money forces people to bring their A game and, simply put, draws attention to the contest and to photo books in general. I can’t wait to see who wins.

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