Press Junkets and Why They Are So Darn Challenging

Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds / All Images © Emily Shur 2009

You set up for three hours in a hotel room. You shoot for five minutes. You hope for the best.

10 comments to Press Junkets and Why They Are So Darn Challenging

  • anna

    damn girl- those do look mighty good!

  • Michael George

    I saw these at People last week and was so happy when I read the caption.

    I really enjoy the second.

  • Sharon Van Lieu

    I'm so glad I clicked on the photos to see them larger – they are so good! Very rich tones in these.


  • Rashod

    I enjoy there expressions, did you shoot this with digital? b/c of the time constraints. I am a big fan of your work!

  • nina

    well I say you have mastered that! Great pics of two very sympathetic actors.

  • Susana

    I love Sandra (not her movies unfort but her spirit). They are gorgeous. Tell me you retouched the hell out of her skin. Flawless. Gives me hope. Oh yeah, you did a great job ; ) I'm so glad you did RSF.

  • Emily Shur

    @Rashod: These are actually film – Mamiya RZ to be exact!

    @Susana: Oh yes – these are retouched! Although, she does look pretty damn good in person…kinda depressing. RSF was interesting, and I'm really glad I went. Someday we will discuss…

  • Jakey Stangel

    yeah girl get some. look hellsa good.

  • Elizabeth Avedon

    These are GREAT shots!Your 3 hours of prep certainly shows.

  • Anonymous

    lol ! I used to assist many photographers who did press junkets. Run it, set up…wait…shoot for 15 minutes then pack it up and out ! It was normal to have multiple set-ups so we could move the talent from spot to spot. This also is true for corporate editorial gigs where you go and photograph a CEO of a company and he just gives you 15 minutes !