Peace Out

Ghostface Killah © Emily Shur

Not unlike my reaction to Michael Jackson’s death, I wasn’t surprised but still sad to hear about Vibe Magazine‘s decision to call it quits today. I mean, at this point, no one is really shocked to add one more magazine to the already long list of fallen soldiers. It’s [...]

Last Night

Phoenix was so good last night at The Wiltern! I had an awesome time. Everyone seemed to have an awesome time. Great set list. Great sound. Great energy. Great show. After their encore, the house lights came up and “Rock With You” by MJ came on. [...]

My New Favorite Thing

© Griffin Technology

I recently was gifted a Simplifi, a new device made by Griffin Technology that is a iPod/iPhone charger and dock, a card reader, and a USB hub that plugs directly into your computer (it comes with an AC adapter but is not needed in all situations including mine). It reads both CF [...]

A Few Words

You did your thing, Michael, and did it well.

I had a different blog post in mind for today…one that was self serving and self promoting, but I think I can put that one on hold for a day to say a little thank you and goodbye to Michael Jackson. Like most people my age, [...]

Press Junkets and Why They Are So Darn Challenging

Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds / All Images © Emily Shur 2009

You set up for three hours in a hotel room. You shoot for five minutes. You hope for the best.


Claude, May 17, 2009 © Emily Shur

I got word last night that a good friend of ours had to put their beloved dog to sleep. Claude was almost 14 years old (you wouldn’t know it from the above photo), and an all around sweetheart. It’s always such a horrible decision to have to [...]

Some Stiff Competition

Vaginas in the Woods © Daniel Sorine

Last night I found myself browsing through this year’s Photography.Book.Now submissions on Blurb, of which there are currently 771 entries. One of the stand outs for me was Daniel Sorine‘s Vaginas in the Woods. Wow. I especially love the tags – vaginas, woods, trees. Enough [...]

My Review of My Review

One of the many pictures I was trying upload during the review © Emily Shur

I have so many thoughts about Review Santa Fe, and I am going to attempt to organize them right now. Also, I am a fan of a good list. So, here I go.:

Thought #1: I think the most [...]

The Golden Hour

All Photos © Emily Shur

I am back from Review Santa Fe and still somewhat sleepy from all the work my brain had to do over the past 4 days.  I will post something more thoughtful tomorrow…I’m pretty talked out right now…but here are some pictures from Saturday night in Santa Fe.  Amber Terranova of PDN [...]

Review Santa Fe: Day 2

Images still are not uploading so you just get some rants today.  I just finished four reviews, and I must say I haven’t felt this out of my element in a long time.  Not that that is a bad thing at all.  Sometimes, I think it’s good to be uncomfortable.  It makes you realize that [...]