Flak Photo: Part Deux

Yeah!  Today my little picture of a wall and some trees on a random tennis court is the Flak Photo of the Day and also kicks off the Flak Photo feature on photographers who are participating in Review Santa Fe.  You can also find Flak Photo on facebook here.  Judging by some of the comments on my photo of the day, not everyone is enthralled with my vision, but hey, different strokes for different folks.

4 comments to Flak Photo: Part Deux

  • dalton

    Congratulations, I think it’s a wonderful photograph. Your work is distinctive and beautiful. I thought I recognized it as yours before I even saw your name!

  • Michelle Del Guercio

    Love your work Emily. I still remember a beautiful shot of yours from an earlier life. It was of your mother making your grandfather's bed……. there was something so intimate about it. Congratulations!

  • J. Wesley Brown

    Hey, you got the Flak photo on my birthday. Nice. I don't see any comments. I didn't think that feature existed on Flak.

  • Flak Photo

    I love this photo and this series work in general, Emily – thanks much for the Flak Photo contribution! Can't wait to see what's next for you with this work – keep me posted.


    Andy Adams
    Editor / Flak Photo