Almost Out of the Bubble

Queenstown, New Zealand, 2008 © Emily Shur

I am trying to emerge out of the bubble that I have been in lately preparing for Review Santa Fe.  It’s creeping up slowly, but steadily, and I still have to print everything.  Luckily, my edit is done and so is all of the scanning and color correcting.  Sigh.  I must say it is nice to have come such a long way with this work.  It feels good to put the same time and effort into my personal work as my commercial/editorial work – or as I like to call it, work work.  It’s very gratifying.  Sometimes, I feel guilty traveling to make the work, or spending money on it when maybe it’s better spent elsewhere, but ultimately this is the work that reminds me of how much I truly love photography.  So, I guess that’s worthwhile.

On another purely self indulgent note, here are some other gratifying happenings in Emilyland.  I found out today that I received a nomination (for two images) for the New York Photo Awards in the Editorial Single Image category.  We won’t know who actually wins until Friday, nor do I know which two images are in the running, but as they say, it’s an honor just to be nominated.  Also, please check out today’s post on We Can Shoot Too…so nice…thank you, Wesley.

6 comments to Almost Out of the Bubble

  • Dan

    Ugh…wish I was going! I got picked but don’t have the funds to make it :( Good luck and have fun!!

  • Patrick Romero

    good luck!

  • Susana

    congratulations on your well deserved success. i can’t wait to hear about santa fe – on another note, just curious, what does the baroness get called for short?

  • Winni

    Your personal work is really strong. I just browsed through the selects for American Photography and you have so much great work in there. I hope the review will be fruitful but you’re doing the right thing anyways.

  • nina

    Team Emily!!!

  • Emily Shur

    @Dan and Patrick and Winni and Nina: Thank you so much.

    @Susana: She gets called Boo, Buddy, Baby, Sweetums….just to name a few. :)