Flak Photo: Part Deux

Yeah!  Today my little picture of a wall and some trees on a random tennis court is the Flak Photo of the Day and also kicks off the Flak Photo feature on photographers who are participating in Review Santa Fe.  You can also find Flak Photo on facebook here.  Judging by some of the comments [...]

NYPH, AP 25, and An Example of Why Photography Matters

All Images © Thomas Lekfeldt

As I mentioned before, I had two images nominated for the Editorial Single Image Award category in the NY Photo Awards (the awards of the New York Photo Festival).  I probably shouldn’t say this, but I really wasn’t expecting to win.  I actually was happy just to be nominated.  I went [...]

This One’s For You, Jeremy.

The Baroness, Sunbathing © Emily Shur 2009

A Step With A Hose © Emily Shur 2009

My Colorful Flowers © Emily Shur 2009

Just wanted to say thanks to Mr. Jeremy Weiss for bestowing upon me his unwanted Type 59.  It’s perfect – cyan and flat – just the way I like it.  Also, a big Happy Anniversary [...]

Photo of the Day: The Baroness

The Baroness © Emily Shur 2009

Yesterday, the husband and The Baroness made time to stop by my shoot with the hilarious Kaitlin Olson (Sweet Dee!)  The little lady got her picture taken.  And so did Kaitlin.  I know there is a question on everyone’s mind…and the answer is yes, that is a new collar.

Almost Out of the Bubble

Queenstown, New Zealand, 2008 © Emily Shur

I am trying to emerge out of the bubble that I have been in lately preparing for Review Santa Fe.  It’s creeping up slowly, but steadily, and I still have to print everything.  Luckily, my edit is done and so is all of the scanning and color correcting.  Sigh. [...]


Anthony Green © Emily Shur

Neil Halstead © Emily Shur

Two new pictures of musicians.  I like these both right now …pretty evocative of my current mood….quiet.

I Couldn’t Resist

Tiny Vices

Glenorchy, New Zealand © Emily Shur 2008

I now have a portfolio on Tiny Vices.  Check it out here.  Or you can kill a tremendous amount of time and browse through all of the portfolios here.  I submitted the work a while ago which means it has already been seen by many.  I plan on updating [...]