Some Rough Scans

All photos © Emily Shur 2009

Here are some quick scans from my most recent trip to Tokyo last month.  Sometimes, when I’m there, I really want to come home.  Then I look back on my film and all I want to do is be there again.  Now.  Guess I’ll just have to wait…  

7 comments to Some Rough Scans

  • JazzLvr

    Hi Emily,

    Can you tell me how you scan your negatives. Just curious. I’ve recently been shooting MF and am looking at different options.


  • Emily Shur

    I have a mediocre Epson scanner at home that I do “work scans” on. It’s the Epson Perfection V750 Pro. It scans flatbed and neg. Then, when I figure out which images have made the final cut, I take those to my lab and get them professionally drum scanned and color corrected.

  • Michael S.

    Those look like Mamiya 7 images. Just shows what that fantastic camera is capable of in the right hands. Well done. (Won’t I be the schmuck when you tell me it’s NOT the M-7!)

    Have you tried any of the new Ektar 100 in 120? I got a ProPack but now it’s OTS everywhere. Terrific film; something to have in the bag when 160S or 400H or Portra isn’t the ticket.

  • drew

    i really love the one with the boat.

  • Emily Shur

    @Michael S: You are correct, sir. I’ll look into that film. Thanks for the tip.

    @drew: Thanks buddy.

  • nina

    love these. Really like the one with the blossoms.

  • Rona Chang

    There’s always some back and forth when you like a country. Love the top shot.