The Wait Is Over.

We love bulldogs…real, fake, whatever.

You can finally see where and how we do it (life, that is) in the Jackanory’s new video series, Inside The Photographer’s Studio/Home.  Watch it here.  Thanks to Andrew for coming over and giving The Baroness her much deserved 15 minutes of fame….ok 4 minutes and 38 seconds…not that I’m counting.

3 comments to The Wait Is Over.

  • Liz

    Love love love it. The Baroness rocks. Can’t wait to meet her!

  • MIchael Sebastian

    You need to mess up that camera cabinet a bit. Have some sh-t strewn about in there, straps hanging down, empty boxes scattered about—you are scary organized.

    Love you dawg, BTW. I wanna be her in my next life, as she seems to be livin’ large.

  • drew

    haha. ridiculous.