Lost Has Just About Lost Me

Hurley, Sawyer, and Kate looking confused…welcome to the audience’s world
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Maybe I am just jet lagged and irritable, but Lost is really starting to annoy me.  What began as a smart, unpredictable, and unique show, now takes advantage of the creative liberties that made the show popular in the first place.  In the beginning, there was a story line that was engrossing enough to assure the audience looked past the obviously unrealistic happenings.  Plus, who doesn’t like a little mystique and/or some smoke monsters on a seemingly deserted island that might or might not really exist?  Lost was so good I couldn’t watch it on tv.  I had to buy the entire season on dvd so that I didn’t have to wait a week in between episodes.  Sure, the plot of the show is pretty unbelievable, but it was well done and didn’t cross the fine line that separates the surreal from the ridiculous.  Now, it seems like they (the show’s producers? writers?) think they can throw any curve ball into the plot line and the audience will just accept it.  Oh, this person died?  No he didn’t.  Now he’s alive again.  That crazy thing really happened?  No, that was actually just a vision…so now we can go either way with the story line…just in case we need to.  All of these twists and turns bring the show out of the realm of believability and into a Victoria Principal waking up and seeing Patrick Duffy in the shower and realizing Bobby’s death was a dream type of place (for you children of the 90′s, that is a Dallas reference).  It’s insulting to the audience’s intelligence.  Of course, I still watch Lost because I know there is an end in sight and I really want to see how everything pans out.  However, lately I have been very disappointed, and I felt like I needed to speak my mind on this very pressing and important issue.  Come on JJ – don’t let me down!  

3 comments to Lost Has Just About Lost Me

  • Gordon

    if you ever watched Alias, or JJ’s TED talk on his mystery box, you shouldn’t be surprised.

    There is no secret plot that they are revealing, the MO is come up with a cool plot with lots of teasers, then get totally lost trying to make sense of it.

    The writers are as lost as the viewers, just one week ahead.

    Alias fizzled out the same way LOST is. JJ even admits he has no idea where they are going when they start.

    Makes for a fun ride, but a painful arrival. I remember a few seasons ago when all of the writers swore faithfully that there wouldn’t be any time travel in any of the plots, because they weren’t ‘that sort of show’

  • drew

    haha. for all of us 90′s (or 1986) kids, we know that reference because it was in an episode of family guy.

    I agree. While i did find last weeks episode awesome (i didnt see last night’s yet), I do think that this season especially is getting out there, but because there is and end in sight, you have to stick around

  • anna

    dude- i LOOOVED dallas… we would go to pizza hut on friday nights and then come home and watch dallas. good clean midwest family fun!!