In One Week

On May 6th, Nymphoto: Conversations Volume 1 Group Show III will open at the Sasha Wolf Gallery.  I have a piece in the show, and so do many other amazing women photographers, all listed above.  The gallery information and opening specifics are as follows:

NYC, NY [...]

Some Rough Scans

All photos © Emily Shur 2009

Here are some quick scans from my most recent trip to Tokyo last month.  Sometimes, when I’m there, I really want to come home.  Then I look back on my film and all I want to do is be there again.  Now.  Guess I’ll just have to wait…  

The Art of Funny

Steve Martin © Sam Jones

George Clooney © Sam Jones

Will Ferrell © Sam Jones

Tomorrow I am teaching a portraiture workshop to high school students in conjunction with MOPLA, the Los Angeles Month of Photography.  I’ve been stressing about what exactly to teach these kids; what is possible to learn in a couple hours and what is not. [...]

The Wait Is Over.

We love bulldogs…real, fake, whatever.

You can finally see where and how we do it (life, that is) in the Jackanory’s new video series, Inside The Photographer’s Studio/Home.  Watch it here.  Thanks to Andrew for coming over and giving The Baroness her much deserved 15 minutes of fame….ok 4 minutes and 38 seconds…not that I’m counting.

White Lies and Good Music

Click twice and you’ll be redirected to youtube to watch the video.

There’s so much good music out in the world right now. Tuesday night I got hit by a car on the 101, only to hope the highway patrol arrived quick enough for me to get to the Hollywood Forever [...]

My Weekend of Food

My veggie plate at Mastro’s.  Steamed broccoli, gorgonzola mac & cheese, and spinach…and a huge martini.

Noodle Kugel.  Yum.  I did not make this, but I ate it.

Potato Pancakes.  I did make these.  They looked weird, but tasted good.

Ham.  I did not eat this.

Bunny Cake…getting stabbed in the eye.  I did eat this.

All photos © Emily [...]

On Giving Up

Dead Trees, New Zealand, 2008 © Emily Shur

I am pretty disappointed in myself right about now.  I just watched the Stephen Shore video over on APE, and it made me realize that I have kind of given up on some things lately that are very important to me.  First of all, for those of you [...]

Shtick Shift

There’s an interesting post today on Conscientious about shtick.  I have thought about this topic a lot in my time as a taker of pictures.  Shtick has made some people very wealthy and their work very recognizable.  For others, it’s an obvious, transparent crutch used when new ideas are not flowing.  There is a line, [...]

Lost Has Just About Lost Me

Hurley, Sawyer, and Kate looking confused…welcome to the audience’s world
© Mario Perez/ABC/Associated Press

Maybe I am just jet lagged and irritable, but Lost is really starting to annoy me.  What began as a smart, unpredictable, and unique show, now takes advantage of the creative liberties that made the show popular in the first place.  In the [...]