She’s Back!

The Husband and I, Dinner on Our Last Night in Tokyo © Emily Shur 2009

Well, seems I took an impromptu break from my little blog baby….I didn’t mean to.  It just kind of happened.  At first, I meant to write a ‘sayonara’ type post before leaving for Japan.  Then, I got caught up with the kind of crap one gets caught up with before leaving the country for a week.  So, I planned to blog while I was in Japan, but once I got there, I was in my own little bubble.  You know how that can happen.  

I did have a great time as per usual.  I also branched out a little bit this trip; going to some places I hadn’t been to before.  I find that my favorite photographic excursions in Japan (or pretty much anywhere) happen in the more random of places, not the more popular.  I will be getting my film back later today, and I have high hopes for some of the pictures I took in some extremely strange places where a typical tourist definitely would not go sight-seeing.  Of course, I also went to some touristy spots, and I also did some damage clothing shopping.  Whoops.

Every time we go to Tokyo, we seem to forget how tiring the city is, and that it is definitely not a vacation spot in any conventional sense of the word.  It’s basically the same activity level as NYC, peppered with some serious jet lag and a language barrier.  I still love it though.  The Japanese and I share a love for many of the same things – champagne, raw fish, hosiery, jackets, cleanliness, and manicured landscapes to name a few.  I look forward to seeing my pictures.  I’ll share some soon enough, along with more specifics about the trip, once I am less groggy.  This post alone has taken me almost an hour to write because I keep spacing out and re-reading the same line over and over.  Zzzzzzzzzz.

Home sweet home.  I am way happy to be back in The Baroness’ loving paws.

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