Lake Powell © Emily Shur 2006

It’s not that we artist types do what we do solely for validation, but without a little bit here and there, it becomes difficult for us to know whether or not we are on the right path.  I’m all for constructive criticism as well, but it’s not like when you don’t get a job, or a magazine sends your portfolio back, or you don’t win a contest, you get some sort of outlined checklist of how you could improve your work.  So, positive reinforcement really becomes the only means for us to gauge the outside world’s perception of our work.  On Friday I was very excited to learn that my work has been accepted into this year’s Review Santa Fe.  Woohoo!  Now, I’ve been around the block enough times to know that one individual event is not likely to change the course of my life and/or career.  There have been many times in the past where I got super excited about getting some sort of awesome shoot, only to do the job and then feel let down when afterwards I’m still the same ol’ Emily.  I’ve come to realize that a great shoot is just that; a great shoot.  I can’t expect it to be anything more, although I’ll always have my fantasies.  I worked very hard on my entry to Review Santa Fe this year, and I feel there is justice in the world when hard work is rewarded.  Who knows what will happen at the review, but I am really looking forward to it.  Fun.

5 comments to Validation

  • John Keatley

    Congrats Emily! That’s exciting. I think your perspective is a really good, and healthy one. It is easy to feel down after experiencing a great high from an accomplishment or photo shoot. Having fun and and thinking long term definitely helps. That being said, I am loving your personal work. I think it is really beautiful, and I hope more good encouragement comes your way because you deserve it.

  • lane

    That’s awesome, Emily! Congratulations. I didn’t apply this year, though I’m doing Photolucida. I’m about to move to Santa Fe, though, and I’m planning to volunteer at Review Santa Fe so maybe I’ll see you there.

    Congrats again! Exciting. :)

  • nina

    Very nice! Oh I don’t know I think one thing can change your life, but sometimes this is not apparent until much later.
    So who knows what Santa Fee will bring!

  • anna

    i really like the same ol’ emily

  • Susana

    congratulations – you’ll have a great time i’m sure!