NY NY It’s A Hell of a Town

Chinese Food with Friends

Pier 59 Snow

Street Snow

Scooter Snow

All images © Emily Shur 2009

I was in NY last week for a shoot and had a great time.  Saw friends – Matt, Stacey, Nina, Eric, Andrew.  Met a new friend – Peter.  Hung tough with Billie (see above).  I shot at Pier 59 for the first time in years.  It felt good to be back.  Not good good – just good enough.  It was also the first time in years I have seen snow.  That was fairly exciting although the 4 degree wind chill was anything but.  Just wanted to share some pictures taken with the new G10 (oh yes, I upgraded).  Now it’s time to head over to The Osbournes‘ house to take some pictures.  First things first though: coffee.

3 comments to NY NY It’s A Hell of a Town

  • memory

    Awesome. That dog Billie looks extremely comfortable, inside and warm. You liked seeing the snow, but here in Nebraska, right now we can’t wait for the snow to go away! Funny how perspectives are different!

  • Cassie Jones

    The food looks fantastic! What a damn dream would it be to have a dining table like that.. I think I’ll have to look into the lazy susan market for that one.

    Snow.. ya, know I’m just so sick of looking at it, I didn’t even notice the photos at first glance; it’s like looking out my window.. thought the scooters are quite comedic :)


  • Billie!!

    Chinesey, snow sandwiches and Billie!