Toot Toot.

Houseboat with Green Hose, Lake Powell 2006 © Emily Shur

Please head on over to Aline Smithson’s blog, Lenscratch, for a sweet feature on moi.  So complimentary and generous.  Thank you, Aline!  Also, thank you Andy for the referral.  Among the fifteen images shown on Lenscratch, six are from my trip to New Zealand last November.  I think this might be the first time most of these pictures are out there in the world so that is exciting.  I must say, it’s very gratifying to see my personal work on view somewhere.  I also must say that attempting to achieve any sort of success with my fine art or personal work (whatever you want to call it) has been a humbling experience and has brought me back to my beginnings as a commercial photographer.  That’s not all bad.  It’s good to be humble and to be humbled now and again.  I think humility is quite an underrated virtue.  Just like the president, I look forward to what the future holds with optimism and realism, and…I’ll say it…I hope I get what I want.

2 comments to Toot Toot.

  • Michael Sebastian

    Emily, I like all the work over on Lenscratch; but my favorite is the Lake Powell/houseboat image. Reminds me somehow of those americana-touristy (not a pejorative) images you’d see through a Viewmaster (well, that dates me pretty well).

  • drew

    yeah, great stuff. i really like the one of the section of brick all, flanked by the chain link fence. also, cool new header image. i dont know how long it’s been up, but i just noticed it.