Very Cool

The Dollar Bill, 2006 © Thobias Fäldt

Picnics #1, 2007 from the series Picnics 2007 © Hiroyo Kaneko

Mulberry Way, 2005 from the series City of Champions © Ed Panar

All images featured in Lay Flat 01: Remain in Light

Everyone should check out the new publication Lay Flat‘s first issue Remain in Light.  From their website:

Lay Flat is a new print publication devoted to promoting the best in contemporary fine art photography and writing on the medium. Each issue is assembled by Shane Lavalette in close collaboration with a co-curator. Photographers and writers from across the globe are invited to submit their work to be considered for future publications.

I think the coolest part of Remain in Light is that the photographs are unbound, so for 25 bucks you are essentially buying a mini portfolio of excellent work, not to mention there are essays and poems by some very accomplished peeps.  The whole things reminds me of an old school art circle type thing…perhaps a modern day interpretation of Stieglitz’s Camera Work.

You can see some of the photography from Remain in Light featured on Flak Photo throughout the month of February.  So far, I am loving the three photos posted above.  Ed Panar is quickly becoming a favorite new photographer of mine.  If you aren’t already familiar with Flak Photo, which would surprise me, you should get over there right now (now!) and spend some quality time with the excellent eye of Andy Adams.  It is a great resource for new photography, and Andy’s genuine love for pictures comes through in every facet of the site.  I had the pleasure of meeting Andy in person this year at Photo LA through the gracious introduction of Mr. Hetherington.  We met.  We laughed.  We cried (mostly about how hot it was inside the exhibition space).  We have a friend in common.  I have since directed a couple friends to Flak Photo.  All of them have simultaneously thanked me for the tip and lamented about how long they just spent on the site.  Andy’s photographic sensibility is very similar to my own (hmmm…maybe that’s why I like it so much…I am really on point today).  I particularly like that Flak Photo encourages submissions on a rolling, ‘come as you are’ basis.  Submit.  Submit.   

It’s nice to see photographers supporting other photographers.  While competition is and always has been stiff (especially nowadays), it’s way more pleasant to feel a camaraderie with peers.  I’d much rather have people to talk to about my triumphs and failures than feel an isolated anxiety based on nothing but insecurity.

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