Happy Anniversary, MFEF!

Rex Lee for Vanity Fair © Emily Shur

Tuesday marked the one year anniversary of My Four Eyed Fantasy!  Yay me.  This blog has been fun, satisfying, and fulfilling, not to mention a constant reminder of how powerful the internet is.  

Here are some other tidbits from this week so far.  Monday night I got to speak to an entertainment photography class at Art Center College of Design taught by Micahel Kochman, Entertainment Weekly‘s west coast photo editor.  Michael and I have worked together on many shoots over the years, since before I actually lived here in LA.  I always have a great time talking to his classes at Art Center, and it’s flattering to be asked to come in.  Thanks Michael!  Yesterday I had an out of town shoot with Olympian Natalie Coughlin.  Natalie has won a total of 11 medals in Athens in 2004 and Beijing in 2008.  Damn.  Today, I flipped through the March issue of Vanity Fair at a 7 Eleven (I really needed a Diet Dr. Pepper) and saw my photo of Rex Lee, aka Lloyd from Entourage.  Rex was really fun to shoot – very animated, very giving.  Soon I will have more images of Rex to show.  Above is one of the more subdued images from the shoot, but quite dapper nonetheless.   

I also followed Andrew’s lead and joined Facebook.  I’m still figuring it out, but please feel free to make me your friend or buddy or whatever it’s called on there.

5 comments to Happy Anniversary, MFEF!

  • nina

    Love Mr. Lee and that pic is pretty sweet too. Happy Anniversary, Buddy :)

  • drew

    great. now i want a diet dr pepper. thanks a lot, emily.

  • aprill miller

    congrats, that means ive also been reading your blog for a year now :) . i think you have more followers than you know….

  • Terence Patrick

    Sometimes I wonder what I missed going to a Cal State school for a non-photography related degree versus doing Art Center. That’s crazy that kids can take classes in entertainment photography. No wonder a lot of those kids can hit the ground running straight out of school.

    Happy anniversary to your blog!

  • Anonymous

    if you care about ownership of anything you post to facebook, you should check out their EULA. they own your work and can sell it until you take it off their site. FYI, word.