Dream Assignment

Kate Winslet at the Chelsea Hotel, New York © Paolo Pellegrin/Magnum Photos, for The New York Times

Sometimes, when I go on meetings, a photo editor will ask me what my dream assignment would be.  Well, now I can just direct them to this week’s New York Times Magazine portfolio of Great Performers by Paolo Pellegrin.  In print, it looks really great, and the online gallery isn’t bad at all.  I love it when The New York Times Magazine does these ‘performer’ portfolios.  I can only imagine how juicy and exciting these assignments must be for even the most seasoned photographer.  There is something inspiring about shooting a real talent as opposed to the sensationalized flavor of the month.  There is a difference.

Speaking from the point of view of a photographer who does celebrity portraiture, this portfolio by Paolo Pellegrin is an excellent example of making interesting pictures of famous people and not assuming a picture is made interesting because it is of someone famous.

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