Just Call Me Cindy Sherman the 2nd

Yesterday, we had a photo booth on set.  The Baroness was able to fit my shoot into her very busy schedule of napping and snoring, so we did a little mother/dog portrait in the photo booth.

Things got even more fun when I discovered the “fashion” hairdos (and don’ts) that were available.  I’m not sure what I would call this one.  It’s sort of a round brush blow out combover…
Then, I fulfilled my lifelong dream of looking like a ditzy blonde on her wedding day.  I particularly like this picture because it reminds me of the wedding portrait of Will Ferrell in Old School at Frank and Marissa’s wedding reception.
At first, I wasn’t going to post these amazingly flattering pictures of myself because I’ve had some physical anonymity on this blog ever since I started it.  Then…I was outed (gasp!) here so I figured the jig was up.  And really, anonymity is overrated anyway.  Why would I deny myself all of the fame and fortune that comes with writing a photography blog that 5 or 6 people read??  So, here I am…sort of…

10 comments to Just Call Me Cindy Sherman the 2nd

  • kyle Stubbs

    You look really young. I’m sure you have more readers then you think, well unless you know how many visits you get. I follow you by RSS, maybe there’s plenty of people like me who are off of your radar. BTW your glasses are awesome, I’ve just started to wear mine again, I forgot how bad my eyes were. You’d think as a photography student I’d notice. Well at least I can appreciate the snowy British countryside again :D

  • Anonymous

    you’re cute.

  • chuck

    i want to be like you when I grow up

    the blog title totally makes sense now

    -reader #6

  • drew

    best day on set, ever.

  • nina

    Ems, who knew you were such a ‘natural’ blond!
    of course my favorite is the pic with La Baronesse.

  • The Other Drew

    Nice to see the specs that give the site its name. Love the laser eye expression in the combover photo, can feel your vision burning holes through the Internet.

    See, 6 comments, you totally have more readers than you think.

  • PIXFeed

    PIX is a fan :)

  • Allan

    Love the pic of you and the Baroness … comments seems to be mounting here.

  • Steve

    As one who aspires to have a readership in the double digits one day, wanted to let you know I’m reading.

  • Patrick Romero

    that’s 4 or 5 more readers on your blog than i have on mine!