Tomorrow I have my first shoot of 2009 which means it’s been over a month since I’ve photographed a person or been in the mindset of dealing with a subject or a shoot.  I coincidentally happen to have met tomorrow’s subject before, but that doesn’t mean I can be any less ready, prepared, or friendly.  (As I have mentioned before, it’s not my natural inclination to be outgoing and social.)  I have a mental checklist that needs to be systematically accomplished in order for me to be mentally and physically prepared for a shoot.  I learned the importance of this self imposed set of rules a long time ago, after many failed attempts to bypass some of them and have a great shoot regardless.

First of all, I lay out any and all equipment and/or film I’ll be bringing from home to the shoot the night before.  I’m not a morning person, and I’ve learned it’s better for me not to have to remember important things early in the AM.  I have been known to show up at a shoot without film, Polaroid, film holders, light meters, and other crucial photographic elements such as these.  Not good.  Second, I need at least five hours of sleep the night before a shoot.  Any less than that has proven to be a detriment to my mood and/or energy level.  Third, I need ample wake up and coffee time in the morning.  I’m not the kind of person who wakes up, takes a 5 minute shower, gets dressed and heads out.  My morning routine requires way more wake up time, usually about 45 minutes to an hour.  I need to drink at least one full cup of coffee and not feel rushed for time.  Rushing stresses me out and starts the day out on the wrong foot.  Fourth, I need to pass a Coffee Bean on my way to the shoot.  One cup is just never enough…especially when I need to interact with people.  Also, I don’t trust unfamiliar coffee.

When I’m on set, I’m pretty low key, and my needs are not nearly as specific.  I don’t want to listen to shitty music.  I don’t want to eat crappy food.  I don’t want to hang out with jerks.  Good music, good food (good food includes a vegetarian option for myself and any other non-meat eater), and nice people.  You can’t go wrong with the trifecta of goodness.

3 comments to Preparation

  • nina

    Have a great shoot!
    I am much the same way , just insert Twinnings Earl Grey for Coffee Bean coffe an that’s me too.

  • André Skjegstad

    hehe, so funny to read this, because I have the exact same thing my self, and my routine is pretty similar to yours (except the coffee bean thing, as we don’t have those here in Norway.)

    Hope the shoot turned out well:)

  • drew

    i am 100% the person that is out the door in 7 minutes flat and is totally fine the rest of the day.