For All You NYers

My most excellent friend and fellow photographer Matthew Salacuse is having an opening tonight at Reason Clothing.  Matt has also self published a book in conjunction with this show that will be available for purchase at the opening.  All are welcome!  Sadly, I won’t be flying across the US for this one, but I will be [...]

Toot Toot.

Houseboat with Green Hose, Lake Powell 2006 © Emily Shur

Please head on over to Aline Smithson’s blog, Lenscratch, for a sweet feature on moi.  So complimentary and generous.  Thank you, Aline!  Also, thank you Andy for the referral.  Among the fifteen images shown on Lenscratch, six are from my trip to New Zealand last November. [...]

Tierney Gearon: Explosure at Ace Gallery

All Images © Tierney Gearon

Thursday night I pushed my way through the crowd at Ace Gallery to see Tierney Gearon‘s new show titled Explosure.  I definitely want to go back before the show closes to see the work again in a less crowded and fabulous environment, but I have to say, I was really blown [...]

Very Cool

The Dollar Bill, 2006 © Thobias Fäldt

Picnics #1, 2007 from the series Picnics 2007 © Hiroyo Kaneko

Mulberry Way, 2005 from the series City of Champions © Ed Panar

All images featured in Lay Flat 01: Remain in Light

Everyone should check out the new publication Lay Flat‘s first issue Remain in Light.  From their website:

Lay Flat is a [...]

Someone is Feeling the Love

The Baroness with Balloon © Emily Shur 2009

Happy Valentine’s Day from myself and The Baroness.  She hates balloons.

Happy Anniversary, MFEF!

Rex Lee for Vanity Fair © Emily Shur

Tuesday marked the one year anniversary of My Four Eyed Fantasy!  Yay me.  This blog has been fun, satisfying, and fulfilling, not to mention a constant reminder of how powerful the internet is.  

Here are some other tidbits from this week so far.  Monday night I got to [...]

Dream Assignment

Kate Winslet at the Chelsea Hotel, New York © Paolo Pellegrin/Magnum Photos, for The New York Times

Sometimes, when I go on meetings, a photo editor will ask me what my dream assignment would be.  Well, now I can just direct them to this week’s New York Times Magazine portfolio of Great Performers by Paolo Pellegrin. [...]

Coconut Records

© Coconut Records 2009

I’m really into Davy, the new release from Coconut Records.  I liked the first album, Nighttiming, also, but it felt a little more like Jason Schwartzman’s passion project rather than a stand alone album of solid songs.  Davy is more musically sophisticated, but just as whimsical and fun.  I think Jason has [...]

Just Call Me Cindy Sherman the 2nd

Yesterday, we had a photo booth on set.  The Baroness was able to fit my shoot into her very busy schedule of napping and snoring, so we did a little mother/dog portrait in the photo booth.

Things got even more fun when I discovered the “fashion” hairdos (and don’ts) that were available.  I’m not sure what [...]


Tomorrow I have my first shoot of 2009 which means it’s been over a month since I’ve photographed a person or been in the mindset of dealing with a subject or a shoot.  I coincidentally happen to have met tomorrow’s subject before, but that doesn’t mean I can be any less ready, prepared, or friendly. [...]