You Get What You Pay For

Grapefruit © Emily Shur 2009

Well, here I am again…trying to not spew negative chunks all over this blog.  Hence my silence lately.  One highlight from the past week was this grapefruit I bought at Whole Foods (yep, that’s the kind of week I’ve had).  I usually don’t go to Whole Foods.  I always wind up spending $150 every time I go there, and that is definitely not in the budget right now.  Every once in a while, I say fuck it, and treat myself to good produce and some cranberry tuna.  So, I bought this grapefruit.  It was huge.  It was sweet, juicy, and perfect in every way.  Not too bitter.  Not too mealy.  The little triangles separated perfectly from their grapefruit skin walls.  Heaven.  Sometimes it’s worth spending money on things that are superior to their cheaper competition.  My next hopefully as fulfilling fruit experience is waiting for me in the fridge:  a box of organic strawberries.  Hello, breakfast.

3 comments to You Get What You Pay For

  • drew

    you know your life sucks if a piece of fruit was the high point of your week. sorry buddy.

  • GTFU Radio

    You should go to famer’s markets if you don’t already. More organic strawberry’s than you can eat in a week for $5. Eagle Rock’s is Friday night, lesgo.

  • nina

    i don’t know about the whole foods in LA but the one in my hood in NYC is a horrific experience. Just way to crowded so I vote Farmer’s Market too.
    And I respectfully disagree with Drew. You are what you eat and I think your life will always be better if you can enjoy the little things.
    I know things suck right now, but I am fully confident things will change.