Some Sparkly Gems

Here we are at the end of 2008, and there are some sparkly gems I’d like to bestow upon you.  


Go see The Wrestler.  It’s slightly depressing, but so well done that it doesn’t make you feel bad.  The acting is great.  Cinematography is great.  Story is great.  My only complaint would be that I wanted more story, but the subtlety of the movie is what really got me.  I love that it’s filmed in New Jersey.  Asbury Park is such a great location, and I was happy a film used it well.  The scenes of Randy (or Robin) at his day job almost feel documentary.  I could go on, but just go see it.  


Two Boots is coming to Echo Park!  Two Boots is coming to Echo Park!  I couldn’t be happier about this momentous event.  Finally some good, nay, great pizza in LA.  Finally.  


There is a genius who works at MySpace Music who began a program called Transmissions.  The MySpace Transmissions are a series of EPs that are recorded by a band specifically for MySpace that you can download for free on MySpace (funny how that works).  There are beautiful versions and different arrangements of songs.  Sometimes a band will throw in a cover you’ve never heard before.  My favorites so far are Bon Iver and City and Colour.  Go download those two now.


My pal Ryan who works at Crumpler gifted me the Cork and Fork which is a beautifully designed carry-on suitcase/backpack/camera bag.  As you can see, many cameras and what not fit inside.  You can pull the backpack out of the hard shell suitcase and use that on it’s own.  You can roll that bad boy on any flight.  You could even pack the backpack with photo gear and then put clothes in the suitcase.  It has a billion secret zipper pockets, and you’ll look cool rolling it around…not like you should be wearing a tan vest with a ton of pockets.


My mom sent me Annie Leibovitz At Work.  Although not life changing, it was a very good read – fun, informative, and interesting.  I read the whole thing in one day.  I would definitely recommend it to any portrait photographer.  There were certain elements in the book I could definitely relate to and also some I could not.  She talks about how certain shoots came to be, her philosophy on dealing with people, and also quite  bit of technical stuff which surprised me.  Annie Leibovitz started shooting in a different time and place than where we are today.  From the sound of the book, there was little competition and red tape for her to battle back in the day.  I would love to read this same book from the point of view of a photographer who started her career in the last 5-10 years.  Hmmmm….I think I might know someone like that.  

Happy New Year everyone.  Be careful out there tonight. 

7 comments to Some Sparkly Gems

  • drew

    i really want to see the wrestler. who doesnt like aronofsky? also, i got annie’s new book for xmas and read it in a day, as well. it was very interesting. i am always curious to hear how people get to where they are in their careers. it also answered a lot of questions i had, such as “how does one go about getting to a war zone (such as sarajevo) in order to take pictures?”. great book, though i agree that it would be nice to read a similar book written by someone who started their career more recently. when are you going to write a book?

  • max s. gerber

    emily! try nicky d’s pizza in silverlake? yum. . . (and yes, i’ve lived in NYC too, so i know from pizza)

  • Emily Shur

    Hi. Yes, I have had Nicky D’s…not bad. However, their new sign is strange and too in your face. I think someone should be fired over that lapse in decision making.

    Drew, Happy New Year. See you soon I’m sure.

  • ryan

    the wrestler was amazing. growing up, i watched wrestling every weekend. watching all my favorites from junk yard dog to coco b. ware. i really liked how slow and depressing he made it and the way the captured Mickey Rourke’s breathing, the movie deserves 2 Oscar’s. one for best actor the other for sound editing. and the fact that it was 16mm was great too. my only complaint is that i wish marissa tomei let herself go for her roll. her body was WAY to “banging” to be a washed up stripper.

    check out waltz with bashir if you get a chance. it’s really, really great.

    thanks for the shout out! happy new year to you and isac!

  • Anonymous

    Bon Iver’s album was one of my favorite of the year.

    Are you using the Crumpler for your 4×5 gear?

  • Emily Shur

    Bon Iver rules. I have about 4 or 5 Crumpler bags, and I normally use this one messenger type bag for my Wista (which folds up into a box). That bag holds the camera, lens, dark cloth, loupe, polaroid back, and film back. We’ll see if I move that system into the roll around suitcase. Would definitely be easier on my shoulder. As far as my larger 4x5s go – my Sinar monorail cameras – I use a hard carrying case made by Sinar for those.

  • ingalbraith

    two boots?…really?