Oh, Life

There was some sort of shoot out around the corner from me.

I had some ladies over, and Anna gave hickeys.

The Baroness got a little jacket to keep her warm.

I made a pizza.
All Photos © Emily Shur

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I have so much to do, and none of it is getting done.  Even the blog has suffered.  Now that everyone is out of town I can get down to my normal holiday regimen of sending my holiday prints/cards out late, seeing too many movies, eating too much popcorn, and communing with the few remaining lost souls who are not going home to see family.  

I am Jewish.  Although not a practicing Jew, I was raised Jewish and am connected to Judaism culturally (not religiously).  My whole family is from New Jersey and is a textbook Woody Allen movie Jewish family.  Christmas time has always been boring for us.  Growing up, I always felt that all of the songs, commercials, extravaganzas, and sales were so pushy and alienating.  If you do not celebrate Christmas in America…you might as well start because there is not much for you otherwise.  

5 comments to Oh, Life

  • drew

    that’s crazy. a couple moths ago there was a shooting right in front of my building. that’s koreatown/ echo park/la for you. the baroness is adorable. im shooting engagement photos for my friends while im in town, and quickly discovering that there is not real photo community here. there is one, literally one place to rent gear here, and they have no idea what they’re talking about. ugh. anyways, happy hanukkah.

  • nina

    another shooting?!

    As to the holidays, I am right there with you. If I have to hear one more xmas carrol I am gonna flip :)
    even on npr they would not let up!

    Like true New Yorkers we just ate out at some vietnamese vegan place on the way back we ran into Hank & Deb who were heading to the movies :)

  • Barry

    pizza is not round

    what a dissappointment


  • Barry

    nice hicky, but you need a MAGNIFYING GLASS to see it.


  • Oleksandr Photography

    That’s why it is called Christmas, not Hanukkah. It is official holiday.