Sisterly Love

Carson City, Nevada © Emily Shur

Today, I went to read Rachel Hulin’s blog and saw this post.  Hey – that’s me!  Woohoo!  There is an interesting story behind the picture she chose to illustrate some holiday cheer.  This is the living room in the house of a mother-daughter prostitute “team” that I and another photographer shot over the course of a few days in late 2001.  They worked at The Bunny Ranch in Carson City, Nevada.  Fun fact – prostitution is legal in Carson City.  We slept in a trailer at The Bunny Ranch for a few days and nights, photographing the place, the surrounding area, and some of the working girls.  This particular duo, the mother and daughter, let us also come to their house where I watched the 18 year old daughter play Dance Dance Revolution while I wandered around her taking pictures.  The tree above was their Christmas tree.  The 40-ish year old mother watched her daughter play next to me.  She seemed pretty proud of her.  I remember them being two nice women/girls.  Call me crazy, but I had a hard time getting past the whole prostitution angle of their mother-daughter relationship.  I talked to the daughter for a little while at The Bunny Ranch bar one night and she reminisced about the times her and her mother had “done parties” together.  She said it was uncomfortable for her.  Really?  Hmm, that’s weird.

I want to, for a second, use this opportunity to thank Rachel for her post.  It made me so happy to know that someone whose opinion I respect, seems to also respect me.  I’ve seen a lot of strange and unfortunate dealings between women…most of which revolve around self inflicted competition amongst ourselves.  Something that makes me happy is that there seems to be a real community of radical women in the blogosphere.  Rachel, Susana, WIP, my good friend Nina and the other ladies over at Nymphoto…my point being that while there are super fucked up things going on in the world of women, such as mother-daughter prostitution duos, there are also things that are right.  Amen.

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