Cows in Paradise

Miss Cow © The Husband 2008

This cow literally lives in Paradise, which is where we went the other day.  It’s the name of an area in the South Island of New Zealand, and it pretty much is paradise – at least for the animals who live there.  This pretty lady was just walking next to our car for a little while.  She had some buddies with her and some babies.  It was very cute.  It was also very beautiful.  I mean, look at it.

Today it rained all day.  Really really hard.  We were holed up in our wilderness lodge accommodations watching Dexter on the laptop.  Tomorrow we take a long train ride to an actual city.  I do kind of miss cities, and it will be nice to have more than one option for dinner.

On a more reality-based note, please check out an interview with yours truly on Feature Shoot here.  Yay.

4 comments to Cows in Paradise

  • Lane

    It’s raining up here, too. Hope it clears up down that way for you. Christchurch is usually grey, but it’s a nice city if you can catch it on a sunny day. The Botanical Gardens are great and the drive out to Akaroa is gorgeous.

  • Emily Shur

    Thank you Lane! We are headed to Christchurch today by train, but only for one night b/c we are flying to Auckland and spending two days there at the end of our trip. Any suggestions in Auckland?

  • Dave Taylor

    In Auckland, have dinner at Prego and coffees/breakfast at The Williamson, both are in Ponsonby.