Another Great Moment for Jews in Flight

Milford Sound © Emily Shur 2008

Here were are, a few days into our trip in New Zealand.  So far, we have just been in one town – Queenstown.  Queenstown is very pretty, but geared towards a more adventure loving breed of person.  We are not very “extreme”, but we did manage to go on a helicopter ride 6,000 ft. in the air yesterday.  We went over lakes, rivers, even landed on a glacier and stepped out to take some pictures.  I’ll post some of those once I get my film back.  I was scared out of my mind, but now I can cross that one off my list of things I never felt the need to do, but have now done.  I’m just glad we survived.  Honestly, it was pretty amazing.  Today, I get to unleash the 4×5.  I’m hoping for a great picture of sheep.  If I’m lucky, maybe even a cow or too as well.   

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