The Power of Positive Thinking

My Office © Emily Shur / Barack Obama © Martin Schoeller

Oh I have been so neglectful of my blog baby!  Well, I had some things to do, you know how it goes.  My birthday present from the husband has finally arrived and is now in it’s new home (my office).  See above.  I strategically placed it across the room from me, so Mr. Obama is giving me that “Let’s get some shit done today, Emily.” look.  It actually is kind of working.  I really like the look on his face in this portrait because it’s not this beaming, über-positive gaze.  It’s more determined and real, which are two of my favorite Obama characteristics.  It’s nothing short of amazing, what he has accomplished in this campaign and what he has inspired in people.  Regardless of whether or not he will be the answer to all of our problems, it’s healthy and exciting for people to believe in someone.  I, for one, have only grown more and more disheartened by the growing problems in this country and want things to get back to the way they were when I started out as a photographer.  The current state of science and the arts is depressing, and the government needs to revisit how crucial creativity and invention are to the state of a nation and its’ culture.  

I’m so nervous about the election.  I think it will go the right way, but you never know.  On a side note, now you all know what a true nerd I am with my numbered negative binders along the walls of my office.  I have learned to embrace my neurosis and make it work for me.  There’s no shame in this game.

4 comments to The Power of Positive Thinking

  • drew

    that’s awesome. i tried putting up a photo of Abe Lincoln with a “let’s get some shit done today” look on his face, but as my work ethic never changed, it became more of a “you still haven’t put pants on today?” kind of a look.

    So it goes…

  • Jonathan Canlas

    you nailed it on the head. that is the one thing i love about this image. his expression of determination to actually do something. at least that is my interpretation. mine is on my wall in my office too. i heart that print.

  • nina

    love this post!

  • Rona Chang

    marty’s photo looks perfect in that spot.