Two Red Books

Raising Frogs for $$$ © Jason Fulford
Fushigi Circus © Mark Ryden

The Meat Magi © Mark Ryden

Brooklyn, 2005 / Nashville, 1998 © Jason Fulford

A few days ago, I bought two red books that I am currently loving.  One is Raising Frogs for $$$ by one of my favorite contemporary photographers, Jason Fulford.  The other is Fushigi Circus by the incomparable Mark Ryden.

Both of these artists are inspirational to me.  I was first introduced to Mark Ryden’s work when I worked at Rolling Stone, about 10 years ago.  His original illustrations would come in, and they were such works of art.  He was one of the first artists I recognized as making true art with his commercial work.  He did it on his terms, and it was always so beautiful.  Jason’s work inspires me because I feel very connected to his sensibility, and his books and success give me hope. If you’re in the market for some new books I highly recommend both of these.  Neither of them are expensive, and I’ve been looking at both of them over and over again.

5 comments to Two Red Books

  • Troy

    Jason Fulford has some really nice work (wish his website wasn’t so frustrating to navigate through…)

    I noticed you live in Echo Park. Do you know of any good art/photo book stores in the area?

  • anna

    mr. ryden tickles my pickle

  • Emily Shur

    Hi Troy – I bought these both at Skylight Books on Vermont in Los Feliz. They have an art book store next to their regular book store. That’s the only good art/photo book store I’m aware of in our area. We need some more!

  • Troy

    wow i didnt know skylight expanded with an art book store. Ill have to check it out

  • michelle Del Guercio

    Hi Emily-
    The other day I bumped into Jim Marshall (R.S. photographer)which lead me to think about the days at RS and you popped into my brain so I googled you. I like your images and am interested in your blog…….makes me feel less like I am living inside a vacuum trying to do photography when I read photographer’s blogs. Please don’t go to my 8 year old out dated site…..I’ll let you know when I launch the new one. I appreciated your sincerity when you wrote about your struggles but it seems like you are newly inspired… go. Congrats on your marriage, house and career.