Baroness For Hire

Kevin Dillon and The Baroness © Emily Shur 

The Baroness In Studio © Emily Shur 2008

In light of the recent economic crisis, I have decided to pimp our beloved dog out for hire.  The Baroness is a natural.  Yes, she is lazy.  Yes, her two favorite activities are snoring and eating.  Most importantly though, yes, she is photogenic.  Look how versatile she is – see how easily she moves from studio to location.  Yes, that location is the passenger seat of my car, but I need you to look beyond the obvious and focus on what’s really important here.  The dog is cute.  

The Baroness In Car © Emily Shur 2008

She is great with kids, adults, other dogs, and I’ve never seen her bark or growl at any other living animal.  She does have a few on set requirements.  I think her requests are pretty reasonable.  Water is a must.  Some sort of tennis ball would be appreciated.  A low fat treat or two would be great, but please no junk food.  The Baroness is very health conscious and likes to watch her figure.  This is LA after all.

Please contact her agent, who is also her mom, who is also me, for any booking inquiries.  The Baroness is already very high profile.  We have carefully calculated every move of her career.  Um yes, she does have famous friends (see top image), but she’s very down to earth and doesn’t like to name drop.  Soon she will be in high demand, so don’t sleep on this opportunity.

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