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Jorja Fox and William Petersen of CSI © Emily Shur 2008

A little shameless self promotion…check me out in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly.  Some more Fall TV Preview action.  Gossip Girl is on the cover.  I still haven’t seen even one episode of that show.  Is it good?  

We initially did this shoot thinking the end result would be in b&w.  I looove b&w.  We shot digital so it was easy to process the images in both color and b&w.  In the end, I was kind of feeling the color image more which is abnormal for me.  I guess Entertainment Weekly was, too.  Interesting.  

6 comments to More New Work

  • Elle Perez

    this is awesome!

  • MrsGilGrissom

    Wow. Awesome photo. Can I just say that I am absolutely the biggest Billy fan, and I love Jorja Fox, but for a second there, I had to debate with myself who was hotter, and of course, sorry Jorja, it’s Billy.

    Please, send me an email at

    I’d love to put this on my website ( Check this out, let me know what you think!

  • Alice

    fantastic photo! it’s so cryptic and i love it. Both of them look very good, especially Billy!

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful picture of Jorja and Billy. They both look so sexy. I love it. Are there any more pictures from this photo-shoot?

  • Anonymous

    Sexiest couple of characters I’ve ever seen. Thanks for the shot, it’s amazing!

  • Becky

    this is such a great photo, and it’s inspired lots of debate on the fan boards! :-)

    I’ve just been reading some of your other entries, and your comments on the shoot with Janice Dickinson were really interesting. If you’ve got any comments from your shoot with Billy and Jorja it would be really cool to hear them :-)