Aunt Ruthie’s Perfume © Emily Shur, 2008

No, I’m not talking about perfume.  I’m talking about actual obsessions that one might have.  For instance, I took the above picture about a week and a half ago on my most recent trip to New Jersey to continue my project.  I had taken this picture once before, but with my Mamiya 7.  I liked the image on my contact sheet, but I knew that I could get in done in a better way.  I had a whole plan of action for my next visit.  4×5, tripod, long exposure, etc.  I thought about this image for a while.  It has been almost a year since I took the original medium format version.  I like the final product, but after all that build up, it’s hard to be content with anything.  Sigh, I always have this problem.

My new buddy, The Niner

Another recent obsession of mine was acquiring a Canon G9, pictured above.  I had a shoot in Las Vegas this past weekend that required some nighttime, documentary work.  I had about 3 cameras with me already, but I just had to have that G9.  I went to a camera store.  They didn’t have it.  We made some calls and found it at a Best Buy (yeah, Best Buy, so what?!).  I was so excited.  I’ve wanted that camera for a while, and the fact that two of my closest and most respected friends, Matt and Hank have one, just made it all the more desirable.  So, I bought one.  It was 500 bucks – 12 Megapixels, shoots RAW, and it’s tiny.  I really like it, mostly because it reminds me of a clunky film point and shoot.  It’s cool to just throw in your bag or wear around your neck.  Back in the day, I had an everyday buddy  - the Nikon 35Ti – that is until some asshole broke into my assistant’s car on a shoot in Spanish Harlem in 2001 and stole all of my gear.  Jerks.

OK so this whole post has been gearing up to an obsession that puts all of mine to shame:  the husband’s obsession with his Vespa, pictured above.  I mentioned the scooter briefly yesterday.  After he read my post, he said “You didn’t even put a picture of my scooter up?”  So, here you go world – feast your eyes on the most exquisite piece of scooter ass ever to be ridden around the greater Los Angeles area.  You try to be a good wife, and then some hot little orange number comes along and steals your man.  Not cool…not cool at all.

7 comments to Obsessions

  • David Lee Roth (GT200)

    she’s Right, I love my scooter! Best decision i have ever made, after marrying Emily!

  • elizabeth weinberg

    the g9 is the best purchase i ever made. get the underwater housing if you can. it’s blown my mind.

  • keep scootin' bro!!!!

    that scooter is fully sick! i wish i had one out here in bklyn. i’d totally slay it with the ladies!!!!

  • brooks reynolds

    What is your thoughts on the G9 now that you own it? I’ve been thinking about getting one too.

  • anna

    hahahahahahahah- dude, you are funny.
    damn sexy scooter goin and stealin your man!!!

  • nina

    Mr. Roth's scooter is salty & sweet ;)
    I will be waiting for a extensive analysis of the image quality difference between the G9 and 5D.
    Please provide promptly. Mrs. Shur.
    I dig the perfume shot..can I see the one you did with medium format?

  • Hank

    thanks for the shout out doggy