Radiohead at the Bowl

So, this is what I did last night. What about you? 

After the show, I took my first ride on the back of the husband’s Vespa…clinging for dear life the whole way home. Needless to say, we made it, but I had my doubts a couple times.

I know the video looks crappy, but the sound is pretty good. I had to find what I could on youtube. You’ll get the idea. Watch the whole thing. It was a good dance-y type version of Everything in It’s Right Place. I was waiting all night to hear this song. Reckoner was great, too. If you can find some footage of that one, I recommend watching it.

2 comments to Radiohead at the Bowl

  • nina

    in Bali I rode on the back of the scooter with my hubby–it was so much fun. However I also had a few moments of doubt…especially because in Indonesia one drives on the left, something the hubby forgot once or twice!

  • Amy Chance

    I was there too! It was life altering.