Before and After: Personal Work

The Before

The After
Photos by Emily Shur

Needless to say, all of my celebrity portraits (well, all of my portraits) are retouched.  It’s really the only way that publicists will allow you to photograph their clients.  You need to have flattering pictures of people in your book or on your website.  I do not shoot for retouching though, meaning I compose my frame as exact as possible in camera.  I light everything pretty true to the final product.  I use retouching as a finalization tool.  I use it for cleaning up imperfections and taking out items that I cannot remove by hand at the shoot.

When it comes to my personal work, I use color correction and retouching exactly as I do in my commercial work.  A little while ago, I posted some pictures I took in New Jersey and expressed my anxiety about presenting images that were not “finished” in my eyes.  I recently had some of these images scanned, color corrected, etc.  So, I thought I would show a before and after so that people could see the subtle differences between the two.  (I received a comment or two on the original post on how this might be interesting.)  To me, it’s a major improvement and better articulates my overall vision.  I like certain color palettes.  I like my highlights and shadows at certain levels.  Working with my beloved friend and retoucher, Anna, I can make these aesthetic preferences a reality.  

So, check it out, and please don’t tell me if you like the “before” better.  I’m sensitive.

2 comments to Before and After: Personal Work

  • anna

    aww buddy…. you rock my world

  • j.

    It’s very rare and kind to see this from a proffessional and succesful photographers. Amateurs like me spend a lifetime trying to work out what makes the work they love look the way it does. I would like to thank you so much. One thing is clear, the picture was great before the editing, and I find the enhancing very subtle and tasteful. Thanks again for sharing this, do not hesitate to post more before and after pictures!