Congratulations to our four friends who are getting married today.  To Trevor & Angie and Michelle & Jason – I hope you enjoy today and everyday after.  


Aunt Ruthie’s Perfume © Emily Shur, 2008

No, I’m not talking about perfume.  I’m talking about actual obsessions that one might have.  For instance, I took the above picture about a week and a half ago on my most recent trip to New Jersey to continue my project.  I had taken this picture once before, but [...]

Radiohead at the Bowl

So, this is what I did last night. What about you? 

After the show, I took my first ride on the back of the husband’s Vespa…clinging for dear life the whole way home. Needless to say, we made it, but I had my doubts a couple times.

I know the video looks crappy, but the [...]

Best Shoot Ever.

Some photos from my trip to Scotland, 2001
All photos by Emily Shur

I just returned from three days and nights in NYC/NJ – more on my trip at a later date.  On my way home from EWR, I had the misfortune of watching Made of Honor on the airplane (I’m not even going to dignify that [...]

Back In My Day…

I found APE’s post the other day, Can Editorial Photographers Make a Living Anymore?, really timely.  I usually keep my blog positive.  I don’t think it behooves me to bitch and moan about the economy, the downtime, the lows, but this post really resonated with me…not to mention that the fist fight that went down [...]

Before and After: Personal Work

The Before

The After
Photos by Emily Shur

Needless to say, all of my celebrity portraits (well, all of my portraits) are retouched.  It’s really the only way that publicists will allow you to photograph their clients.  You need to have flattering pictures of people in your book or on your website.  I do not shoot for retouching [...]

Long Time No Blog.

Fay St., Culver City, 2008 by Emily Shur

Well, I wound up taking an unplanned break from blogging in efforts to make some new work.  I have been driving around beautiful Los Angeles taking pictures, kind of keeping to myself during some downtime from work.  Last week, when I set out to make new pictures, I [...]