Blurb Update

current version of I Can See For Miles
photo by Emily Shur

As an update to my previous post on Blurb, I wanted to write a little bit after receiving my second book.  I made some changes to the layout, the biggest one being that there is only one image per spread.  I feel like this helps the overall look because the paper is pretty thin, so not having anything behind the image (meaning the turn page is pretty much blank) helps the print quality of each individual picture.  Making this change also fattened up the book considerably which helps the overall look and feel as well.  The spine feels sturdier, and it just seems more like an actual book.

I still feel like paper quality is my biggest issue with Blurb.  I would love to have the option to print on several different papers…a thicker stock, different finishes, etc.  Also, I think they should add some sort of double page spread to their many many layout options in the design software.  I have been made aware that they are developing an ICC profile so that professionals can better color correct from their computers.  

Mostly I am bummed that I entered the first version of my book into the Photography.Book.Now competition.  I like version 2.0 about a thousand times better, but I suppose there’s always next year, and by then I plan to have more images to put in the book anyway.  Lesson learned.

2 comments to Blurb Update

  • Gabriela

    Good to know Emily. Thanks for sharing these notes. I was just on their site trying to figure out what book option to use for vertical shots. I’m not crazy about the idea of having white space on each side of my image if its a vertical or cropping. Anyhow, I wanted to ask you, who designed your site. Its beautifully done. Thought I’d ask since I’m shopping around at the moment for a designer/programmer.

  • Emily Shur

    Hi Gabriela – Engine Three in New York designed my site. Great guys. Great work. Have nothing bad to say about them. Their website is