Happy Birthday, Husband!

Photo by Emily Shur
Cake by Cake and Art

As I mentioned briefly in my rant yesterday, Monday was the husband’s 35th birthday.  I felt I needed to dive a little deeper into this topic.  He is my husband after all.  How does one describe him?  He certainly is an individual.  Well, this post here by our good friend Ryan does a nice job.  Isac is truly one of a kind…duh, I wouldn’t be married to some run of the mill asshole.  

Actually, he’s pretty amazing.  He always makes me laugh.  He knows how to fix just about anything.  He can beat pretty much anyone in arm wrestling.  He’s extremely smart, talented, and creative.  We fit together perfectly.  I love him.  He loves me…..and hot dogs.

4 comments to Happy Birthday, Husband!

  • drew

    wow, that turned out really good. after seeing that, i can only assume the mac’n'cheese one was also extremely impressive.

  • ryan

    the best cake ever!!!

  • nina

    Happy belated Isac! Didn’t know you were born on the day of the French revolution. Vive le Isac!
    XON (N&D)

  • Jesse Garon Presley

    I met Isac in ’88. He used to skate by my bus stop. There weren’t many skaters back then, so he stood out when he’d go by.

    He was kind of a prick. Wore an aqua green Gotcha t-shirt.

    He supposedly went to my high school but I never saw him.

    He had a Misfits Crimson Ghost t-shirt, which was very hard to find back then. I really wanted it.

    I stayed over at with him at his moms once. He played “Strangeways Here We Come” on cassette before we went to sleep. That was really the first time I’d heard The Smiths aside from seeing the “Stop Me” video on MTV in ’86. His Mom made us breakfast and we ate while listening to the Tears For Fears “Seeds Of Love” album.

    Anyway, those are my earliest memories of Isacto. Happy birfday, Isacto.