This is What Happens When I Don’t Get Enough Sleep.

Emma Stone by Emily Shur
Here is a shoot that just came out in the August issue of Elle Magazine with actress Emma Stone

This week is proving to be interesting.  We had no internet service for about 3-4 days.  I had to hold the husband back from punching a hole in the wall.  I wouldn’t care except we own our house, and that’s just one more home repair I’ll have to deal with….and I hate that shit.  Yesterday was his 35th birthday.  Thanks to everyone for coming out and making it a super fun night of bowling and eating hot dog cake in Eagle Rock.  This morning I was up at 6:30am to take The Baroness in for eye surgery.  Poor baby was scared and shaking.  She knew what was up.  I am way groggy but feel neglectful of my blog so I wanted to write a little something.

Yesterday I also began a 4 day editorial job that involves shooting a lot of people very quickly and making it look like we had all the time in the world with them.  So far so good, but it is a challenging shoot in the fact that we have no control over the styling and have to hope the actors arrive in clothes that work well with our sets.  It will be exciting to see the whole thing put together when it’s finished.  I love big shoots with lots of pictures.

Two things I want to mention that I am currently loving:  Billy Joel live at Carnegie Hall June 3, 1977….why I have no idea.  I guess it reminds me of my parents or being a kid or the East Coast or something.  I think you have to get The Stranger 30th Anniversary edition and it comes as a bonus cd.  I realize it may sound odd, but it will make you re-discover Billy at his peak.  It’s real cheesy in all the right ways.  My other new favorite thing is Begley’s Best Glass and Surface Cleaner.  Bill Nye (The Science Guy) gave me a bottle when we shot at his house.  He demonstrated how non-toxic it is by spraying it directly into his mouth.  Gotta love that.  Well, it works really well and is good for the environment.  So go get some.
Bill Nye by Emily Shur
OK, I think that was sufficiently random.  

5 comments to This is What Happens When I Don’t Get Enough Sleep.

  • ryan

    i’m bummed i wasn’t there for isac’s bday. just think if i was, he coulda just punched me and there would’ve been no hole in the due to lack of interwebs.
    your new photos are awesome. i need to get that billy joel record IMMEDIATELY!there’s no shame in listening to BJ every and a while. i hope lil’ buddy baroness’ eye is ok!

  • Jennifer Loeber

    Hi- just wanted to say how much I like reading your blog and that I’ve been a fan of your work since my days as a photo editor. Now that I’m on the other side of the lens so to speak, its inspiring to read about your travels and work as I try and navigate my way around. :)

  • Emily Shur

    Thanks Jennifer! And Ryan…no there’s nothing wrong with listening to a little BJ here and there.

  • Terence Patrick

    Love the light on Emma Stone. Makes her eyes look like jewels.

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