More Jersey

Street Signs

Chemical Plant

Overgrown Basketball Court

Some Dump

Veteran’s Lodge
All Photos by Emily Shur

I’ve been in sick dog-ville the past few days which is the reason for my lack of posting.  The Baroness is doing much better now, so I thought I’d post a few more images from Linden.  My neurosis compels me to mention that none of these images (from this and the previous post) have been scanned properly or color corrected or burned and dodged in any sort of real way.  It’s weird for me to show “unfinished” work, but what the hell.  Maybe I’ll do a before and after so anyone who cares can see my process and preferences in terms of color and exposure.

Tomorrow I have a shoot and then it’s July 4th weekend….my most dreaded of all “holidays” in our neighborhood of Echo Park.  When I say I dread it, it’s only because I kind of DON’T enjoy feeling like I’m living in an active war zone with loud explosions made by homemade fireworks going off every five minutes.  There is a layer of smoke over the whole neighborhood for days.  Last year some genius a couple blocks away from us actually burned their house down entirely.  Good job.

3 comments to More Jersey

  • Aaron Fowler

    Before & After would be extremely interesting to see. Unfinished never crossed my mind when looking at these.

  • Emily Shur

    Thank you for that comment. I’ll be sure to post up the “finished” product.

  • drew

    i will no doubt be that genius in koreatown this year. glad to hear the baroness is back atop her throne.